QDB Qatar

SMASH was tasked with creating the branding and content for QDB’s tent at the week-long national day celebrations in Qatar. Over 6000 children visited the tent, experiencing what it means to start a company. SMASH created all content for the event, including 3D films, touch walls installations, touchscreen applications and an AR game.

The journey began with a 2 minute inspirational 3D video about what it means to be an entrepreneur. The video centered around the main character we created for the event, Hamad.

This character, animations and all the assets featured were created from scratch by SMASH’s 3D team.

The AR game SMASH created was centred around the practical decisions that must be taken when starting a business. The size and type of premises that might suit the chosen business, the area of Doha in which to open this business and how many staff to hire were all covered in the game. Feedback on these decisions was also presented to the player at the end, providing information on what was right and what to think about for next time.

A selection of the skyscrapers we created for the AR game. Due to the lack of 3D mapping of Qatar all models were modelled from scratch using 2D images as reference.

SMASH created a drag and drop touchscreen game where the participants could design their own digital poster for their business. The designs were seamlessly uploaded online so the children could revisit their artwork and see the rest of the posters from the event.